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About Sexual and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse that occurs within a home, family, or relationship.  It can take the form of physical, emotional, financial, and/or sexual abuse.  The abuser may stalk, hurt, manipulate, intimidate, isolate, demean, or trap the victim or the victim's loved one (e.g., children, pets) in order to maintain power and control over the victim.  Click here to see the CDC's list of intimate partner violence risk factors and here for child abuse risk factors.

Sexual violence is unwanted or non-consensual sexual attention or contact.  It can take many forms, such as child molestation, child pornography, non-consensual and/or revenge pornography, sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, sodomy, and sex trafficking.  The perpetrator exerts power and control over the victim by not acquiring clear consent from someone who has the legal ability to consent and/or by using coercion, alcohol/drugs, threats, and other methods to violate the victim’s bodily autonomy.  In sexual and domestic violence, one person makes the decision to hurt another person; the victim is never at fault. Click here to see the CDC's list of sexual violence risk factors. 

Taken from Women Shelter of Long Beach, developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

Anyone can be a victim and all communities are affected. Both forms of violence can have severe and long-lasting physical and mental effects on the victim and their loved ones. Every victim deserves support and respect.

Effects of Trauma on the Body

Domestic and Dating Violence

Sexual Violence


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