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Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in applying for the following positions, please email a cover letter and resume/CV to, and follow any additional instructions if included in the job descriptions below.


Primary Duties: 

  • Create lesson plans and curriculum/content for new and revised training modules, maintain training, and organize and conduct trainings and continuing education (CE) for community members about sex education, effects of trauma, and sexual harassment, sexual assault, sex trafficking, and related forms of violence
  • Organize trainings, meetings, and events; maintain training and event calendars; and maintain educational and outreach materials
  • Provide at least three psychoeducation groups per quarter, to include one for child/adolescent clients and/or with non-offending parent/guardian clients in the shelter and one group for child/adolescents in the community
  • Plan outreach/prevention activities and awareness campaigns, create maintain community partnerships, attending meetings held by community groups, and conduct presentations about the organization to community members
  • Organize events (e.g., National Night Out Against Crime, Crime Victims’ Week events, Domestic Violence Awareness Month events, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month events)
  • Manage therapy supplies and assist other staff with coordinating structured children’s activities

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Shelter Case Manager

Primary Duties:

  • Provide crisis intervention via hotline and in-person, information and referral, advocacy, legal/medical accompaniment, and room assignments, conduct safety and psychological screenings, and conduct shelter intakes, orientations, and exit interview
  • Facilitate 2 groups (psychoeducational, skill-building, and/or case management) per quarter and daily to weekly resident meeting
  • Manage shelter supplies/donations and the FeedMore/Food Bank program
  • Identify barriers to services, advocate on the clients’ behalf, make appropriate referrals, and develop, recruit, and vet new referral partners
  • Provide case management
  • Transport residents as needed for appointments (e.g., housing, job, benefits, medical

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More information is available on



(434) 394-3505

24-hour crisis hotline:


P.O. Box 466

Farmville, VA 23901

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