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Madeline's House

Madeline's House is our domestic violence program. It was named after Madeline Gearheart Mitchell, who was killed by her abusive husband in 1998. When Madeline and her children needed safe haven, there was no shelter available. Since Madeline's House was founded in her honor in 1999, we have worked to ensure vital services were available to victims.

Our most well-known program, Madeline's House includes our shelter. We offer temporary emergency shelter to those in imminent danger from domestic or sexual violence. While in our shelter, clients receive individualized case management, are provided with items to meet their basic needs, and are served along a continuum of care to make sure that all of their needs are addressed.

Survivors of domestic violence who need help but do not need shelter are also served under Madeline's House through community client support, which includes advocacy, accompaniment to interview/appointments related to the violence,counseling, and other services to meet their needs.

Some of the common challenges victims face in obtaining shelter are difficulties finding safe, emergency shelters that allow for children and pets.  Here at Madeline's House, we strive to ensure families receive the shelter they need.  

Madeline's House includes a children's services for children who have experienced or witnessed abuse.  Children in the shelter are provided with tutoring to increase their success in school and with structured activities to boost their creativity and social skills.

As of July 2019, Madeline's House began co-sheltering clients who have pets also needing emergency shelter.  This was largely made possible with a grant from Red Rover.  While we have some species limitations, dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, fish, and some other small animals are eligible to shelter with their non-offending humans.  For animals we cannot co-shelter, we work with foster families in communities to help us find safe, temporary shelter until their humans can obtain safe, transitional or permanent housing.  As of January 2022, Madeline's House had expanded with the development of a shelter specifically for male victims of domestic/sexual violence.  Unfortunately, the male shelter has been unable to open due to a lack of funding for finishing security for the shelter.  We hope we will be able to resume this important work with the help of generous community donors.

To learn how to receive these services, visit our Get Help page.


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