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Counseling and Crisis Intervention

We provide crisis intervention to help stabilize victims immediately after a traumatic experience and guide them to physical and emotional safety.   As indicated, we can conduct psychological evaluations to assess the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral abilities and needs of our clients.  We also provide short-term counseling and therapy to assist clients in developing fundamental tools to gain a greater understanding of themselves, strengthen their personal and interpersonal problem-solving, and expand their coping strategies.  

Counseling and therapy is offered in group formats; and, as resources allow, we provide individual counseling and therapy.  We provide psychoeducation, supportive counseling, and peer-support.  We utilize a wide-range of  therapeutic options so that our clients receive the style of therapy best fitted for them.  For example, we offer therapies that focus specifically on the trauma experienced as well as those that focus on common effects of trauma, such as interpersonal conflict, substance abuse, anger management, and grief.  The therapies we offer are research-informed, such as Interpersonal Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or Cognitive Processing Therapy.  We also incorporate expressive therapy techniques as appropriate. 

If you are interested in joining one of our therapy groups, please contact the office at 434-394-3505.

If you are in crisis, please contact our hotline at 1-888-819-2926.

Advocacy and Accompaniment

Advocacy is the process by which we assist victims and their families in navigating through various service systems, such as the judicial, medical, or social service systems.  We work to remove or reduce any systematic barriers or obstacles that may hinder our client's ability to access and successfully navigate through those systems, help their voice be heard, and serve as an ally and intermediary when needed. 

Advocacy may include specific, direct services, such as accompaniment to a hospital for when a sexual assault evidence recovery kit is recommended and accompaniment to legal proceedings.  It may also include case management, such as assistance with Virginia Victim Fund applications.  Advocacy may also include general efforts to address social problems, such as explaining to lawmakers challenges that victims face.

SCVP also works to advocate for victims through a multidisciplinary team approach when appropriate.  Using this approach allows us to keep strong working relationships with other service providers, stay abreast of the climate of the community, and to help ensure victims receive the care they need across service agencies.  For example, we participate in the county Sexual Assault Response Team.  During multidisciplinary team meetings, we provide insight on the nuances of sexual violence to other team members, assist with the development or revision of agency protocols, track the services being provided to victims, and engage in case review, while protecting the confidentiality of our clients.  

Resources and Referrals

We coordinate the receival of necessary services by connecting clients to affordable providers and promoting a continuum of care.  Some examples of referrals we make are to emergency response services, legal aid services and legal representation, and counseling when the need is long-term, court-ordered, or for severe mental illness.

Education and Evidence Recovery

We create prevention, awareness, and change efforts at the individual, relationship, community, and societal levels in an effort to stop sexual and domestic violence in our community. This includes providing presentations and programs for all ages that are holistic, developmentally progressive, and culturally appropriate. We offer these to community groups, schools, businesses, and allied professionals. To learn more, click here.

We offer evidence recovery to adults or children who are recent victims of sexual and domestic violence through our Forensic Advocacy Program. Our trained interviewers can collect disclosure evidence by having one interview with the survivor so they they do not have to repeat their story over and over. Our certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner collects medical evidence by performing forensic exams for sexual violence victims as well as domestic violence victims.

Safe emergency shelter

We provide safe, temporary shelter for those in imminent danger due to sexual or domestic violence.  We also provide basic needs, such as food and clothing, to clients staying at the shelter.

Housing is meant to be short-term (typically no more than 30 days) to allow victims time to work with their case manager to obtain transitional or long-term, safe housing.  During their stay, our case manager typically helps clients with obtaining necessary vital records, such as identification cards, and obtaining employment.

To learn how to access these services, please visit our Get Help page.



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